Full Visibility of Supply Chain: Third Party Inspections

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About Our Company

Expert Quality Solutions - Global Reach

ECQA is a globally recognized third party inspection company specializing in providing customized total quality solutions to retailers and their suppliers.

Backed by a team of experts with over 30 years of experience in regulatory compliance, safety, and quality assurance, we help retailers of all sizes – from department stores and specialty shops to supermarkets – meet and exceed strict quality and compliance standards for their diverse product ranges.





ECQA third party global inspection service coverage area: China Mainland, Taiwan, South East Asia, South Asia (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka), Africa (Kenya), Turkey.

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Quality Inspection

Our popular service

At ECQA, we understand the unique challenges faced by retailers. We offer a wide array of inspection services to ensure your products’ quality and comply with industry standards. Whether you need pre-shipment inspections, in-process inspections, or supplier audits, ECQA has the expertise to meet your needs.

Pre-Shipment Inspection
Guarantees your products meet all safety, quality, and regulatory requirements before export, minimizing delays and ensuring smooth customs clearance.
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During production inspection (Dupro)
Conducted throughout the production line, these inspections catch quality issues early and ensuring consistent quality.
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Container Loading Inspections
Verify the correct quantity of goods are securely packed and loaded for safe transport, eliminating discrepancies and preventing damage.
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GOEIC Certificate
Simplify Egyptian imports. Our GOEIC certification service ensures a smooth journey for your goods.
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Product Compliance
Ensure your product meets all safety, quality, and regulatory requirements for its target market.
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Supplier Audits
Provide a comprehensive review of your supplier, ensuring they align with your quality standards and ethical practices.
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Ensuring Quality. Elevating Standards

Why Choose ECQA for Third Party Inspection?

  • Cost-Effective

    Enjoy flat-rate pricing with no hidden fees for travel, rush orders, or weekend work.
  • Fast Turnaround

    Benefit from next-day inspections, reports, and real-time updates.
  • Transparency

    Our advanced technology offers real-time onsite monitoring and allows for immediate feedback on inspection progress.
  • Integrity

    With years of industry experience, we have gained a deep understanding of diverse supplier cost-reduction strategies.

Discover how ECQA’s inspection services can elevate the quality and compliance of your products. Contact us today to learn more how we can support your quality assurance efforts.

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